A Show Organizer’s Perspective


Some of what goes into organizing an exhibition

Market research, market research, and more market research.
It all starts with the concept. First, we need to decide what the content of the show will be. Once we have this we need to establish whether there is sufficient public interest in this topic to support such a show.
The next step is the market of your chosen subject matter. Is the market big enough? Are the manufacturers and suppliers of this market willing to support such a venture? The potential exhibitors need to have an appetite for idea.
As it has been said. “there can be a gap in the market but is there a market in the gap?”

What makes a successful show.
This is not rocket science. There are two fundamentals that need to be satisfied to host a successful exhibition. Visitors and Exhibitors.

Visitors attend the show based on what the organizer promotes the show to be. What is the show about? What is there to do and see at the show?
This requires being true to the chosen content and getting the exhibitor mix right. The visitor who decides to get into his or her car, drive to the venue, pay to enter (hopefully with the family in tow) needs to feel that he got value for his money. We want the visitor leaving the show happy that he attended. Wanting to return the next year.
Getting the correct mix of exhibitors on board within the focus of the show will attract the visitors with these interests. This means that you are bring the exhibitors target audience to the show. that being BUYERS.

Exhibitors participate in shows and exhibitions for a variety of reasons. That said, the biggest reason is sales. Bring them their target audience, buyers, in sufficient quantities and they will have a successful show. Achieve this and they will be back.
Simply put, a successful show entails happy visitors and happy exhibitors.
The hardest part of all
Getting the elusive exhibitor to commit! If I had ten rand for every potential exhibitor who says “Oh, I think I need to participate, please send me all the necessary information,” I’d be a lot less poor. Exhibition sales is only for the most tenacious.

phone-499991_1920.jpgDaily Frustrations you need to put up with. (says me grinning.)
• “I’m sorry can you call back, they are in a meeting.”
• “Thanks for following up. Can you please resend the information as I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet?”
• “Would you consider a trade exchange?”
o Putting an exhibition together costs millions of Rands and sadly trade exchanges don’t pay the bills.
• Phones just ringing incessantly. Don’t these people work these days?

yes-941500_1920.jpgFrom my perspective, having the potential exhibitors commit earlier is immensely beneficial to them. They get so more exposure pre-show. Alright, and it would increase our productivity in a big way. (I wish)




Visitor Marketing
This is key to ensuring a successful show. It’s about bring the right visitors in sufficient quantities. The right visitor being people interested in the content of your chosen exhibition. Buyers. This requires targeted promotion. Reaching people with specific interests. This comes at significant costs to the organizer. Holding back here will undoubtedly have the organizer wishing he was invisible at the show.

Behind the scene
nikola-jovanovic-198375-unsplash.jpgThere’s a team of individuals with a passion for what they do. Determined to succeed. Willing to do whatever is needed. Passionate, creative, and driven. Much fun is to be had in our offices amongst the chaos. We work in a pleasant and relaxed environment and entertain each other as we relate our frustrations.
Our release is our weekly “Kultuur uur.” This is where we gather on a Friday afternoon and support one of our local watering holes. We tell ourselves we are not losing out on productivity as there is no one else working on a Friday afternoon. Phones just ring. Looking back on our weekly gatherings it is fair to say that many a good idea has come out of these sessions. They be a work session with a good dose of creativity and encouragement for all. That and what seems to be a subconscious determination to support the many craft brewers continually popping up.

In summary I’d say that organizing a show is not for the faint hearted. Not for “sissies” Got the right concept, are a go getter, a doer and a talker then there it can be very rewarding.
cropped-250pix.pngThe success of the Cape Holiday Show, I put down to surrounding myself with the right people. Good people. It is a team effort and thankfully we have team commitment on our side.

It’s all about putting buyers and sellers together in sufficient quantities!





OCTOBER 26 – 28, 2018


bridget-shevlin-401145-unsplash.jpgBe sure to book the dates for the family-friendly Cape Holiday Show at Sandringham Farm outside Stellenbosch from October 26 – 28 this year.

Aside from over 200 exhibitors offering a range of outdoor kit, vehicles and unique holiday destinations, there is a Craft & Cuisine marquee, a Kiddie Activity Centre, more interactive activities for adults – and even live music to add to the festivities.

The word is that the top 10 Foodtrucks in the country will also be there to serve up delights and aside from activities such as clay pigeon shooting.

Says Organisor Kevin Kennedy: “The show offers an inspiring array of must-haves for the outdoors enthusiast: caravans, camper vans and all the gadgets and gizmos imaginable to elevate old-school camping trips into a luxurious lifestyle choice.

“We will also have travel specialists to inspire unique getaways from white-knuckled adventure to “Glamping” destinations.”

Partners in the Cape Holiday Show include radio stations, media and camping and tourism agencies.

Contact: Kevin Kennedy

082 553 3041

Kamp is Lekker Tydskrif.jpg
Kamp is Lekker Tydskrif

The joy of entering into the 4×4 world


The joy of entering into the 4×4 world is that your pleasure is guaranteed to multiply exponentially – specially when you discover the infinite dimensions of aftermarket 4WD accessories and camping gear.

And serving as the portal into this exciting journey of discovery is 4×4 Mega World – the world’s largest seller of ARB products outside of Australia; and the first privately-owned company to get multiple vehicle manufacturer approval for aftermarket accessories and parts.

Great news for visitors to this year’s Cape Outdoor Show in Stellenbosch in October is that 4×4 Mega World will be there in full force with a showcase of accessorised vehicles to inspire and a vast varied range of vehicle accessories and camping gear to make grown men go weak at the knees.

Says 4×4 Mega World’s General Manager, Kurt Brunner: “We may have 26 outlets countrywide – and of course you can shop online through our website – but you will want to be at the Cape Outdoor Show to benefit from the mega specials on all sorts of products. Nothing beats a real 4×4 experience.”

Brunner says the reason for the company’s success of the years and its ongoing reinvention is because every employee is driven by a passion and “lives” for the world of 4x4s and all that goes with it.

So, if you are looking for expert input, be sure to meet up with these guys at the Cape Outdoor Show.

Before then, explore their website at and consider joining their online Off-Road Club.

Kamp is Lekker Tydskrif
Kamp is Lekker Tydskrif

Cape Holiday Show on visitor attendance


Say the organizers,
Following a hugely successful inaugural event in 2017. The Cape Holiday Show are putting its money where its mouth is. Determined to ensure exhibitors enjoy a good return on investment we have increased their visitor marketing campaign significantly. Added to this considering the awareness created around the show one can only but expect a good turnout.
Bok RadioThis year includes, Bok Radio as a radio partner. Exhibitors will be pleased to hear that there will be live broadcasting from the show on the Friday, where they will gain additional exposure by way of live interviews conducted from the show. That and over one hundred advertisements, live reads, and interviews aired two weeks prior to the event will please exhibitors.
KyknetIn keeping with our commitment to ensure a second year of satisfied exhibitors we have added two DSTV channels to our efforts. KYKNET and VIA TV will together air over six advertisements daily for two weeks prior to the show.
That along with the rest of the extensive promotional activities we are confident of an outstanding attendance. via-logo
Stopping at nothing our message to exhibitors. It is our belief that the exhibitors collectively have the greatest influence on the attendance at the show. With over two hundred exhibitors that is food for thought. Should exhibitors together promote their participation at the show and each exhibitor attracts an average 50 visitors each that already adds up to 12500.

marketing man person communication

In keeping with our promise to ensure exhibitors achieving maximum exposure out of their participation we encourage you to contact us should you need any assistance.



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