Cape Holiday Show on visitor attendance


Say the organizers,
Following a hugely successful inaugural event in 2017. The Cape Holiday Show are putting its money where its mouth is. Determined to ensure exhibitors enjoy a good return on investment we have increased their visitor marketing campaign significantly. Added to this considering the awareness created around the show one can only but expect a good turnout.
Bok RadioThis year includes, Bok Radio as a radio partner. Exhibitors will be pleased to hear that there will be live broadcasting from the show on the Friday, where they will gain additional exposure by way of live interviews conducted from the show. That and over one hundred advertisements, live reads, and interviews aired two weeks prior to the event will please exhibitors.
KyknetIn keeping with our commitment to ensure a second year of satisfied exhibitors we have added two DSTV channels to our efforts. KYKNET and VIA TV will together air over six advertisements daily for two weeks prior to the show.
That along with the rest of the extensive promotional activities we are confident of an outstanding attendance. via-logo
Stopping at nothing our message to exhibitors. It is our belief that the exhibitors collectively have the greatest influence on the attendance at the show. With over two hundred exhibitors that is food for thought. Should exhibitors together promote their participation at the show and each exhibitor attracts an average 50 visitors each that already adds up to 12500.

marketing man person communication

In keeping with our promise to ensure exhibitors achieving maximum exposure out of their participation we encourage you to contact us should you need any assistance.




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